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Basile Starynkevitch
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My resume is downloadable here. See my web page on ; most of the time I am typing from my home at Bourg-La-Reine. You can email me to [email protected]

My pet -hobby- open source project (in artificial intelligence, for Linux) is RefPerSys (still unfunded in end of 2021, and done with others). I dream to have more time to devote to it. You'll make me happy by compiling it on your Linux box, and give feedback; Contact me for potential applications or funding opportunities.

I am an enthusiast of free software, and know quite well Linux (which I am using since 1994)

I think that high-level languages are important, and that declarative knowledge-based systems should be more used (see J.Pitrat's blog ...)

You might contact me by an email to basile at starynkevitch dot net but please give the URL of your question in your message.

I am French,I am a man (born in 1959), a husband, a grand father, and have a PhD in CS (artificial intelligence, 1990, Paris LIP6) and graduated from ENS Cachan.

My native tongue is French. My parents spoke Russian to me. In Russian my full name is Василий Дмитриевич Старынкевич ; in English my first (christian) name is spelled Basil. If you send me an email to [email protected] use French, or English, or Russian and mention the URL of your question. My Russian spelling is so bad that I dare not use it in emails (so I would answer in English to any Russian email).

See and and

PS. I intend to continue working on persistent reflexive systems during retirement, e.g. in .... I find H2020 projects excessively bureaucratic: its paperwork is really overwheling.

My email is public: [email protected] and I don't use social media.

Photo done by my son Matthieu Starynkevitch (oct. 2019)

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