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Hi! I am a graduate student in physics. Currently, I am working on the tests of lepton flavor universality in the ATLAS Collaboration of CERN.

I apologize in advance if my comments are unnecessarily confrontational, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter. ¯\(ツ)

Enjoy and Fight for Free Knowledge! See, the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto by Aaron Swartz.

Aperiodically Updated Quote(s)

"The fix is to learn quantum field theory."

"Well did you hear? There's a natural order
Those most deserving will end up with the most
That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top
Well I say, 'Shit floats'."
-- Jarvis Cocker (Running the World)

"[T]ell me if you can believe that simple world you find"
-- Phil Ochs (What Are You Fighting For)

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