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Tag synonyms are labels for categorizing questions. Tag synonyms are created when two related labels are merged due to common misspellings, or synonyms of the same word.

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Should [source] be eliminated?

source has only three questions in it, all of which are over a year old, and two of which are closed. I'm thinking that source should either be eliminated, or defined as a synonym of source-code. ...
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Can we rename dual-licensing to multi-licensing?

It may not be common, but I'm raising this post to hear the community thoughts: From the dual-licensing excerpt (emphasis mine): Works can be released under two (or more) licenses, which may or ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Tag merge request: derived-works, derivatives, derivative-works

It seems the tags derivative-works, derived-works and derivatives are all used for the same thing. Should the latter two be superseded with the first? Should either of the first two be retained as ...
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free-software, fsf, free-software-definition and other associated tags

For both the FSF and OSI we have a few set of related tags: free-software, fsf, free-software-definition osi, open-source-definition I created the two -definition tags, as I thought they were more ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Should we have separate tags for license versions?

We currently have gpl, gpl-2 and gpl-3 tags. Is it useful and helpful to have these tags, or should we stick to only one tag for all versions. If we shouldn't, then can we make them synonyms? A ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Floss Foss to become Floss?

As in many questions, floss and foss were deemed to be similar, if not the same (the difference being technical). Should we make these tags synonyms of each other?
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2 answers

Can somebody make a licence → license tag synonym?

The UK spelling of the noun is "licence", and US "license". The standard for Stack Exchange seems to be US for tags: What should the standard spelling be - British or US? Please could someone with ...
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