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This tag is used to ask about specific questions (e.g. why a question was closed.)

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Posting a question asking for feedback about a licensing tool

Several users ask licensing questions related to open source software. As faculty member and a software engineer researcher, I propose an open source tool that helps OSS developers and user better ...
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Asking about a possible license violation when I'm not sure what the rules are to begin with

I may have found that Debian, Ubuntu, and Homebrew are not properly honoring licenses for dependencies of statically-linked compiled binaries — but it's also possible that I'm misunderstanding the ...
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Asking a question about an open source dataset of digitized correspondence

A couple of months ago, I asked the following question on Open Data (Beta) SE: For a research project, I am currently looking for datasets that consists of large amounts of e-mails, text messages, or ...
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Is questioning the philosophies of the FSF, OSI, CC, etc. allowed here?

This site's Help Center says: You've come to the right place if you have questions about: the history and philosophies of the FSF, OSI, CC etc ... I'm sure that throwing softballs like "How ...
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How to request the formation of a wiki?

Was about to add an answer to my question from yesterday, with a bunch of bullet points given on various IRC channels I was perusing in the last 24 hours. Wiki of arguments for open-source business? ...
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Copy-pasting old Stack Overflow questions

A user has been copy-pasting old Stack Overflow questions that were cleaned up there and are too old to be migrated here. Here's an example: What license has jai_imageio ? (jai imageio) How should we ...
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Please re-open question "Does anyone curate a list of boilerplate terms-of-service?"

My question Does anyone curate a list of boilerplate terms-of-service? has been put on hold. I would like to counter the issues raised, and ask for it to be re-opened. I am also open to suggestions ...
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Why was this question reopened by a mod?

This question was reopened by a mod recently; it had been closed as duplicate for 3 months. I can see no changes in the question nor the question linked as duplicate, so what warranted the reopening?
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Are questions that ask about interactions of open source licenses of specific products on topic? was put on hold as off-topic because it "asks for support for a specific product". ...
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Is this question really off-topic?

While looking at some closed questions to generate some stats, I came across this question. It asks how to apply a Creative Commons license to a blog post. It's been closed as off-topic: not about ...
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Questions about general copyright law should be off-topic

How does Github's "forking right" cope with an "All rights reserved" project? I will start by offering the view that this question is off-topic. If code is sitting on github ...
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Can we provide a general reference for people wanting to get started with Open Source/Free Software development?

We've had two questions so far that have asked how to get started with Open Source, namely: What are the best ways to get involved with open source projects? Open source Projects : How should I start ...
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How is this question off-topic?

I stumbled on this question about the infamous case of Google and Oracle, concerning the integration of Java and Android. I've edited the question, but here is the original: As many people know, ...
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The student involvement question looks like a list question to me, why shouldn't it be closed?

In what ways can students get involved in Open Source? What are some other similar programs for students to get started? This looks like a classic open-ended list question, which are considered ...
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Is this particular question primarily opinion based?

I'm asking about this question, which asks for examples where in hindsight a project would have done better if they had avoided overlooking an area of expertise. I would expect answers to provide ...
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Isn't this question too broad?

The following question: How do I attract new programmers? has been closed as Too Broad and then reopened. I argue that it is far broader than How do I structure my project in an inviting way? which ...
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