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For questions about the promotion of the site outside of Open Source SE. If your question is about community ads, use the [advertising] tag. If your question is about contact with organizations, use the [liaisons] tag.

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Advertising Open Source - Community Ads for 2016

It's 2016, and the new 300px-wide sidebar has just rolled out network wide. When that's complete, graduated sites around the network will start to run new community ad cycles. To be ready for them, ...
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How do we improve our stats?

Looking at our report card on Area 51, I see the following numbers today: 1.7 Questions/day 100% Answered 98 Avid users 1670 registered users 2.1 Answers/question 138 visits per day. The first and ...
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Status of reaching out to organizations besides OSI

Some time ago it was asked and affirmed that this site should reach out to organizations beside OSI. Some of us committed to this task. What is the status of this reaching out? Has contact been made?...
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Should we reach out to all organizations?

Earlier this evening, many members of the community participated in chat with a representative (for lack of a better word that comes to mind) from the Open Source Initiative. Having been initially ...
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Make the site about Open Information!

Note: I understand this is very long, but be sure to read and understanding everything in this post. Alright! Day 6 into the beta, and we're about to introduce a new addition to the scope! The ...
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How do we neutralize the site to be more accepting?

We've seen many issues so far on the issue of neutrality between things such as: the Open Source Initiative; the Free Software Foundation; Creative Commons and more; Don't get me wrong, the issue ...
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How can we get more experts into the private beta?

A few days ago we all agreed that the quality of our questions and answers could use some work. Many of us have been hard at work to fix this, and I feel like we've definitely broadened and thus ...
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The title of Open Source should be changed to Open License

The current name of this site is "Open Source" the current scope of this site is 80% licensing and maybe 20% open source. The current name does not fully depict what this site answers. As your answer ...
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OSI and Open Source SE

According to this Area 51 Discussion Post, the Open Source Initiative was contacted regarding the use of their logo. In the end, the OSI was interested in promoting this site, hoping to use it to ...
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Community Promotion Ads [duplicate]

We recently entered public beta, so we need to get word out to the rest of Stack Exchange about Open Source Stack Exchange. One of the best ways of doing this is with Community Promotion Ads. Here is ...
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What's our not-so-secret blurb?

Now that we're growing really big, getting lots of questions, and plenty of really amazing active users, we should start spreading the word! From 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta: Imagine ...
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