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What are the criteria for which a name will be considered acceptable?

Tim Post (Director of Stack Overflow Communities) has visited this site before to help us with the issue of choosing a site name. He and the other staff had ruled out the 'Free & Open' name, but I ...
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28 answers

More site name brainstorming - Part III

In episode 1, we discussed changing the site name. A pretty much consensual answer proposed Free & Open. In episode 2, it was revealed that there is no longer a consensus. The proposal for “Free &...
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8 votes
21 answers

More site name brainstorming - Part II

Today, we had a visit from Tim Post to discuss our potential name change. After a meeting at Stack Exchange and some discussion in a chatroom, we've nearly settled on our site name: Free & Open......
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Alternative site name brainstorming

Since there are still many people unsatisfied with the current site name, I thought it would be good to have a centralised place for some brainstorming. If you have any ideas, please post them below! ...
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The title of Open Source should be changed to Open License

The current name of this site is "Open Source" the current scope of this site is 80% licensing and maybe 20% open source. The current name does not fully depict what this site answers. As your answer ...
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