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Don't we get a "2019: a year in moderation" post?

Shog9 has been posting posted titled "2019: a year in moderation" in all the meta sites (e.g.: MSO's, MSU's) with some interesting stats about how the main site is (self-)moderated. We seem to have ...
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Copy-pasting old Stack Overflow questions

A user has been copy-pasting old Stack Overflow questions that were cleaned up there and are too old to be migrated here. Here's an example: What license has jai_imageio ? (jai imageio) How should we ...
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Is this question really off-topic?

While looking at some closed questions to generate some stats, I came across this question. It asks how to apply a Creative Commons license to a blog post. It's been closed as off-topic: not about ...
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Are licensing posts going to dominate Open Source?

After looking in the "Tags" page on the main site... I've noticed that out of the top 5 tags, 3 of them are licensing tags (license, creative-commons, and licensing)... The top tag on the site being ...
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