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Examining the usefulness and clarity, overall quality for questions.

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How do we avoid "free as beer" vs "free as speech" confusions?

I saw a question about the categorization of "free software", assumed that the author means "free as beer" and answered it. The author commented that he meant to ask about the "free as speech" meaning ...
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The Quality Cleanup Initiative: Improving our quality

There have been a few discussions among the community concerning the direction of quality standard that this site has in place. As a result, we need to start creating a standard of quality, and most ...
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Are getting started questions relevant here?

Now that we have this network, I'm sure there'll be newbies coming in asking questions like, How do I get started with Mozilla/KDE/etc? or How do I start contributing to project xyz? I guess ...
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How can we get more experts into the private beta?

A few days ago we all agreed that the quality of our questions and answers could use some work. Many of us have been hard at work to fix this, and I feel like we've definitely broadened and thus ...
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Should we copy questions from the GNU GPL FAQ

I noticed the question How to license program output? which is a verbatim copy of an entry of the GNU GPL FAQ. Naturally, the current top answer also quotes said entry of the FAQ. Should we get ...
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Are we getting "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" right?

Quite a bit of our questions have (at least at some point) been closed as primarily opinion-based. I adapted a query that shows all posts that were closed with that reason, ranked by total votes. At ...
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How to discourage "chameleon questions"?

Sometimes, when you answer a question, the person asking it realizes that the answer is not what they wanted, and the changes the question in a way that renders the already given valid answer invalid. ...
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Is this particular question primarily opinion based?

I'm asking about this question, which asks for examples where in hindsight a project would have done better if they had avoided overlooking an area of expertise. I would expect answers to provide ...
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Can I edit these two questions to make them more generic?

A user asked this question (question 1) about licensing, authorship and ownership relating to using code from StackOverflow and GitHub Gists/Issues in an R package to release on CRAN. I suggested ...
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