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Examining the usefulness and clarity, overall quality for questions.

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8 votes
4 answers

Are getting started questions relevant here?

Now that we have this network, I'm sure there'll be newbies coming in asking questions like, How do I get started with Mozilla/KDE/etc? or How do I start contributing to project xyz? I guess ...
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5 answers

Should we copy questions from the GNU GPL FAQ

I noticed the question How to license program output? which is a verbatim copy of an entry of the GNU GPL FAQ. Naturally, the current top answer also quotes said entry of the FAQ. Should we get ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How can we get more experts into the private beta?

A few days ago we all agreed that the quality of our questions and answers could use some work. Many of us have been hard at work to fix this, and I feel like we've definitely broadened and thus ...
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2 answers

How to discourage "chameleon questions"?

Sometimes, when you answer a question, the person asking it realizes that the answer is not what they wanted, and the changes the question in a way that renders the already given valid answer invalid. ...
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