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Discussing the elements of making the site neutral, and about creating a welcoming, user-friendly experience.

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More site name brainstorming - Part II

Today, we had a visit from Tim Post to discuss our potential name change. After a meeting at Stack Exchange and some discussion in a chatroom, we've nearly settled on our site name: Free & Open......
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Alternative site name brainstorming

Since there are still many people unsatisfied with the current site name, I thought it would be good to have a centralised place for some brainstorming. If you have any ideas, please post them below! ...
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Should we reach out to all organizations?

Earlier this evening, many members of the community participated in chat with a representative (for lack of a better word that comes to mind) from the Open Source Initiative. Having been initially ...
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Make the site about Open Information!

Note: I understand this is very long, but be sure to read and understanding everything in this post. Alright! Day 6 into the beta, and we're about to introduce a new addition to the scope! The ...
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How do we neutralize the site to be more accepting?

We've seen many issues so far on the issue of neutrality between things such as: the Open Source Initiative; the Free Software Foundation; Creative Commons and more; Don't get me wrong, the issue ...
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