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How to request the formation of a wiki?

Was about to add an answer to my question from yesterday, with a bunch of bullet points given on various IRC channels I was perusing in the last 24 hours. Wiki of arguments for open-source business? ...
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Was I wrong to roll back this edit?

I rolled back this edit. There were two reasons. Firstly, the included text is not relevant, because it refers to modules compiled into a program ("if you were to incorporate them both in a larger ...
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Can I edit these two questions to make them more generic?

A user asked this question (question 1) about licensing, authorship and ownership relating to using code from StackOverflow and GitHub Gists/Issues in an R package to release on CRAN. I suggested ...
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What's the policy on editing "technical" terms?

I recently made a review that you can find here (Note that the "Emacs" spelling changes were made after I had done the review). Also note that the author subsequently approved of the edit. The edit ...
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How much should we allow editing of closed but answered questions?

This question is prompted by Are there consequences of publishing software under a free or open source license? The original version of the question related to the "free as in speech" analogy and ...
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