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What urgent matters do we need to resolve?

What this post is for Some issues we face as a community are more urgent than others. We can ask meta-questions about them, upvote those meta questions and the mods can feature some of those meta-...
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Make the site about Open Information!

Note: I understand this is very long, but be sure to read and understanding everything in this post. Alright! Day 6 into the beta, and we're about to introduce a new addition to the scope! The ...
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Are Source Visible Questions On Topic?

I ran across this comment on the main site. This site is about projects published under a license that meets either the Free Software Definition or the Open Source Definition (which are nearly ...
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Create a help/on-topic page specific to this community

Being a good SE-citizen I looked at help/on-topic before asking my first question here, to find that this page is just about void of useful information. A basic summary of what is and also is not on ...
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Do we need clarification of "Open Source" in the help page?

Following a discussion in the comments field of this question, I'm beginning to think that we need to clarify topicality in the help page. For some time now I've felt we'd developed a community ...
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Importance of the difference between open source and free software

The fight that was happening earlier in chat, was in parts about the significance of the difference between open source and free software. So what's about that? Practical view: Looking at it from an ...
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More site name brainstorming - Part III

In episode 1, we discussed changing the site name. A pretty much consensual answer proposed Free & Open. In episode 2, it was revealed that there is no longer a consensus. The proposal for “Free &...
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What are the criteria for which a name will be considered acceptable?

Tim Post (Director of Stack Overflow Communities) has visited this site before to help us with the issue of choosing a site name. He and the other staff had ruled out the 'Free & Open' name, but I ...
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Open Source is leaving beta

Management has been reviewing all of the sites that are currently in Beta to determine which sites are ready to lose that label and join other graduated sites on the Stack Exchange Network. Based on ...
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More site name brainstorming - Part II

Today, we had a visit from Tim Post to discuss our potential name change. After a meeting at Stack Exchange and some discussion in a chatroom, we've nearly settled on our site name: Free & Open......
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