A couple of months ago, I asked the following question on Open Data (Beta) SE:

For a research project, I am currently looking for datasets that consists of large amounts of e-mails, text messages, or OCR-processed letters that were written as part of a conversational exchange between two people.

There are quite a few open datasets that include a (significant amount) of emails. For instance, one has the Enron dataset, the Jeb Bush dataset, and the Hillary Clinton dataset. However, these datasets are not exactly what I'm looking for.

I'd like to have a dataset that consists of a large amount of (written) conversations between exactly two people. The emails should alternate between these two people, with one email (or letter or text message) for each person, each time.

Question: do such open datasets exist? If so, where can I find them?

Unfortunately, the question did not attract a lot of attention and it hasn't been answered so far. I wonder whether this question is also approproate for the Open Source SE venue. I hope it is because I am looking for an open source dataset that consists of email or digitized mail correspondence between two people. However, I am not a frequent visitor of this particular SE page, so I thought it'd be good to inquire here on Meta to be sure.

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When voting to close a question, we actually have a specific reason that would apply to such a question:

Questions that ask for off-site resources, or for a recommendation of an open source service or product are off-topic because they don't directly concern an issue related to open source development. See: What's wrong with external resources questions? for more information.

So, unfortunately, I don't think that question will be a good fit here. The linked meta question contains some reasoning behind this guideline.

  • thank you for your answer - I see it isn't a good fit based on these guidlines. Do you perhaps know another SE page where the question would suit well?
    – Max Muller
    Commented Sep 2, 2023 at 12:38
  • @MaxMuller The only SE site I'm familiar with that encourages asking for recommendations of offsite resources is Software Recomendations. Asking for datasets might be on topic there, but I'm not a member of that community, so I don't really know. I guess you should take the same approach you took here, and ask on their meta site first.
    – Mureinik
    Commented Sep 2, 2023 at 12:43
  • 3
    @MaxMuller and while we're on the subject, thank you for having the nous and courtesy to ask in meta, instead of just posting the question and then getting annoyed when it gets closed. It really is appreciated, and I hope you do find the right place to post the question - and get some good answers.
    – MadHatter Mod
    Commented Sep 3, 2023 at 7:24

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